Fire Performers

Highly Flammable was founded on the magic and intrigue of Fire Performance Arts.


In addition to Staged Fire Shows; Highly Flammable also provides ‘Fire entrances’, ‘Roving Fire Dancers’ and ‘Team Building Fire Workshops’.

In addition to safety equipment, procedures and public liability insurance – we also have an onsite Highly Flammable Coordinator to manage the safety aspects of the event entertainment.

Fire Shows


Our Highly Flammable Fire Shows involve a multi-performer choreographed staged performance to music.

  • Run for 3-15 minutes and involve a range of dynamic fire arts such as Fire Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Fans and more.

  • Done on or in front of a stage and have a safety circle for the audience.

  • Great for small private audiences (i.e. 50 people at a Wedding reception) through to large audiences (1000-20,000 people at a Fair, Festival or Music Concert).

  • Can also involve the addition of ‘Human Stage Pyrotechnics’ for an extra element of ‘wow-factor’.

  • Get in touch to see what options there are and which show and budget suits your event best.

Entrance Fire


A Pair of costumed fire performers on the entrance of your event creating atmosphere as your guests arrive!

  • The performance is ongoing for one hour (it is designed for people to watch for a couple of minutes as they arrive)

  • The performers are normally raised on podiums outside the venue entrance.

  • This must be done ‘outside’ due to safety requirements.

  • The ‘type of fire’ normally includes Fire Eating, Fire Palms and Fire Fans (depending on space).

  • We can customise costumes to suit.

Roving Fire Dancers


Our roving Fire Dancers are perfect at an event (normally outdoors) moving around and entertaining guests!


The guests get to see fire eating and fire performance up-close and personal – get in touch to see if we can have this at your next event!

Find out what we can do for your next event