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We provide choreographed staged shows both our crafted shows listed below, and custom shows for particular themes. We are constantly innovating on our offerings, so please get in touch with us to discuss further.

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Highly Flammable was founded on the magic and intrigue of Fire Performance Arts. Our range of fire performance styles fall under atmospheric and show, all which can be customised to your event.

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We have a wide range of 'Glow Performance' options involving high tech light and LED props and costumes. These include roving or stationary glow LED prop performers, LED Suit Reflectrons, LED Butterflies and our mesmerising Graphic Poi.

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Stilt Characters

Highly visual, stilt walkers through their thematic characters, help create the atmosphere and provide a great way to greet and entertain event goers / guests. Our Stilt Walking performances have featured in all sorts of events thanks to their customisability.

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Highly interactive, cheeky and fun roving ‘human disco ball’ characters – getting photos, interacting and dancing. Sparkles in the event lighting or sunlight! Perfect for creating surprise and impact. Designed and handmade by a kiwi designer with incredible detailing!

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For kids

We've brought smiles to thousands of kids around New Zealand; through face paint art, circus games and balloon creations. A form of entertainment by which the kids get something to remember the event. Through art, circus skills, bubbles, and play - let's bring more smiles!

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