Stilt walker enterainment

Our Highly Flammable Stilt Walkers are a great addition to a range of events. Highly visual, they can either be on a venue entrance greeting and entertaining guests or they can rove throughout a venue or area interacting and creating exciting atmosphere. Past Stilt Walking performances have included community events, corporate dinners, formals and festivals.​
We have a range of heights suitable for outdoor or indoor events and the Stilt Walkers are fine on most surfaces (including grass, concrete and indoor surfaces). We have a range of our unique characters outlined below; in addition we can also customise a character for your event.

Interactive Characters

Fun Stilt Walkers on interactive bouncy stilts rove and entertain throughout the event area. Fantastic for adding an extra dimension to your event (literally!) as they rove above the crowds.Fine height-wise and are extremely safe in big crowds and on a wide variety of surfaces including grass and sloped areas (they are on more stable and safe Stilts).We have a wide variety of different character options including: Circus Characters, Xmas Elves, Butterflies, Superheros, Fairies, Americana, Scarecrows, Flowers and more!

Atmospheric Characters

We find some stilt walker characters work well in themed events such as our Las Vegas / Carnival ladies and Dapper Hatters who bring lots of charm and visual flair to your event and act as lighthearted entertainment for guests as they arrive and mingle.Our Mythical fauns are quite yet visually wondrous creatures that while from another realm adapt to human interaction and are friendly. Mannerisms for all stilt characters can be adjusted based on the style and theme of the event.



Tell us about your event and begin crafting the creative entertainment experience you need.

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