Glow entertainment

We have a wide range of 'Glow Performance' options involving high tech light and LED props and costumes, In addition we have our Staged Glow Shows with a combination of everything as well as projections combined with high energy music and choreography! More info about each concept below!To enquire about pricing and specific recommendations for your event.

Interactive Glow

A variety of roving interactive LED characters & LED glow performers. These include:
- New age LED technology brings you sound activated multi coloured LED Reflectron Bots! Great onstage next to DJs/band or roving around an event.
- LED winged characters are a sight to behold and will be a highlight at your event!  Can be placed on or off stilts - fantastic for adding an extra dimension to your event (literally!) as they fly above the crowds.Needs to be relatively dark, starting at nautical twilight, at the event for glow entertainment to be effective.
- Our Glow Circus Play Zone is a place for kids to learn to play with LED circus props (Poi, Hoop, & Juggling balls), with one/two circus instructors colourfully dressed up.Equipment and team for up to 50 children at a time, for more/less please advise so we can re quote less/more instructors + equipment.

Atmospheric Glow

We provide choreographed glow shows both custom for particular themes or from one of our few internally crafted shows. Our glow and light shows involve a mix of performance artists and dancers, usually two to five, using a various LED props to enhance their movement and create a memorable show of light and movement.
- Glow prop spinners rove around the darkened event creating trails of light! Mix of poi, staff and juggling glow props on performers. Great onstage next to DJs/band or roving around an event.
- New and highly specialised Graphic Poi rove throughout the event producing amazing patterns OR/and sponsor logos. Can be customised to display your own patterns, messages and logos.



Tell us about your event and begin crafting the creative entertainment experience you need.

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