Mirrorman & Mirrormaiden

Highly interactive, cheeky and fun roving ‘human disco ball’ characters – getting photos, interacting and dancing. Sparkles in the event lighting or sunlight! Perfect for creating surprise and impact. Choice of the silly and fun loving Mirrorman, or his classy and sassy female counterpart - Mirrormaiden! Designed and handmade by a kiwi designer with incredible detailing!


Mirrorman is the cheeky outgoing Highly Flammable Rockstar. Developed by artists Rohana Weaver and Paulo Wellman; he consists of several thousand carefully designed reflective mini-mirrors in patterns. He is a perfect addition to a wide range of events due to his versatility in a wide range of environments.In daylight he gives a stunning reflective mirrorball effect from the sun and a display of the colourful clothes of stunned onlookers.At night with lights or lasers he is an epic dancing display of shining light. He has several modes of action including Walkabout Character, Entrance Greeter, Human Statue, Dancer or Hanging Human Disco Ball! A real eye catcher for your community, promo, corporate or private event!


Mirrormaiden is a recent addition to the Highly Flammable family. This sassy girl is the creation of costume designer Jasmine Shadbolt, who is responsible for her intricate designs and complex patterning.Just as Mirrorman is great in sunlight so is she, but with an added flair. She certainly has the same rockstar attitude as Mirrorman! We’re incredibly lucky to have her as part of the team, in all her classy style.



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