Production Shows

We provide choreographed staged shows both our crafted shows listed below, and custom shows for particular themes. We are constantly innovating on our offerings, so please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Ignite the Night

Professional Fire Dancers ignite the night with a high impact, high energy show! Uses advanced fire props imported from Europe - such as Fire Umbrella, Fire Dress, Fire Crown and more! Can also involve the addition of special effects such as blame bursts and sparkles, for an extra element of ‘wow-factor’.We plug our music into your sound system, no additional lighting setup is required (however if you have some coloured stage lighting then this can be added in for extra effect).


A mesmerising show of light dancers & a specialist hi-tech poi/staff performer that will wow your audience! The Show runs for 5 minutes and involves music and choreography. Our glow and light shows involve a mix of performance artists and dancers, usually two to five, using a various LED props to enhance their movement and create a memorable show of light and movement.The show comes with optional accompanying visual projections (you need to provide projector and screens), and graphics/logos in one or two of the LED props used by the performers.



Tell us about your event and begin crafting the creative entertainment experience you need.

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