Fire Entertainment

Highly Flammable was founded on the magic and intrigue of Fire Performance Arts.We provide a range of performance styles to suit event.In addition to safety equipment, and procedures  – we also have an onsite Highly Flammable Coordinator to manage the safety aspects of the event entertainment.

Atmospheric Fire

A Pair of costumed fire performers on the entrance of your event creating atmosphere as your guests arrive!
The performance is ongoing for one or two hours (it is designed for people to watch as they arrive and wander around the event). The atmospheric style performers are normally located at the entrances of venues to wow guests as they arrive and as well as for ambient entertainment within an outdoor community event.

Circus of Flames Show

Professional Fire performers wow guests with a mesmerising collection of solo performances, using a variety of fire props - including Fire Poi, Fans, Staff, Claws and more!Show generally ranges from 15 - 30mins.
Done on stage, or a dedicated show area with a safety circle for the audience.Great for small private audiences (i.e. 50 people at a Wedding reception) through to larger audiences at fairs, festivals and activations. We plug our music into your sound system with our crafted supporting soundtrack.



Tell us about your event and begin crafting the creative entertainment experience you need.

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